Welcome to the Law Firm of Clover Barrett & Associates, P.C., a community based law firm committed to providing our clients with zealous, sensitive and effective legal representation.
	At Clover Barrett & Associates, we offer clients a broad range of legal services including, Divorce & Family Law; Wills, Estates & Guardianship and Bankruptcy Law. 
	Over the past 25 years, Clover Barrett, the firm’s principal, has practiced extensively in the areas of Family Law, Bankruptcy, Estates & Guardianship and Criminal Law. She possesses considerable litigation experience in both the State and Federal Courts and has represented clients in high profile cases. Before starting private practice, Clover Barrett served as a judicial law clerk to a federal bankruptcy judge as well as a court attorney to Criminal Court judges. Ms. Barrett oversees all legal matters in the firm. Divorce. We provide sensitive but zealous representation in Divorce and other family-related matters such as Custody, Support, Maintenance, Asset Distribution and Orders of Protection. We work hard to ensure that rights are protected, your children are well taken care of and that you can continue your life with dignity. At Clover Barrett & Associates, P.C., Protection of your Rights is Our Duty.  Call us for your free consultation and get over 25 years of experience on your side Wills, Estates & Guardianship. Whether we are drafting a will, representing a beneficiary or heir through probate and administration proceedings or assisting a client regarding a guardianship decision to protect a family member or a loved one, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of legal service to our clients. At Clover Barrett & Associates, you can be assured of straightforward answers to your questions. Call us for your free consultation and case evaluation. Bankruptcy Law. Bankruptcy is NOT a Dirty Word!  We can help you Wipe Out Credit Card Debts, Stop Harassing phone calls, Save Your Home, Strip Away Second Mortgage or Save Your Business. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7 “clean slate” bankruptcy, paying off mortgage arrears under Chapter 13 or reorganizing your business under Chapter 11, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff will work closely with you to ensure that you get the fresh financial start you deserve. At Clover Barrett & Associates, P.C., we providte representation that will give you peace of mind. Call us for your free consultation and find out if bankruptcy is right for you

Divorce/Family Law

Let’s be honest: divorce can tear a family apart.


One of the hardest decisions for a couple to make, even if their marriage is failing, is to obtain a divorce. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the husband, the wife and the entire family. We work hard to ensure that at the end of the legal process, your family still has dignity, your children are well taken care of and you can continue with your life.

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Wills, Estates, and Guardianships

It is never to late (or too early) to start planning.


We prepare simple and complex Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Proxies and Powers of Attorney. A Will is a document that allows you to leave your property to the people that you care about in the proportions that you choose. We also handle guardianship matters. Often, guardianship is pursued to protect minor children or adults who are in an incapacitated state.

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Bankruptcy Law

Get help with your debt problems.


People who owe money, known as debtors, have rights under certain laws designed to protect them. Your Creditors use the laws to their advantage and have lawyers to represent them. You should use the law to your advantage and you can do so by contacting and having a consultation with a competent attorney.

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